Wrinkle treatment with Botox or Hyaluron

Do you want a youthful appearance – without surgery or other painful methods?

Discover the benefits of wrinkle treatment with Botox or Hyaluron at Cleanskin in Munich!


Our skin does not forget…

Already at the age of 25, the skin gradually loses the ability to bind moisture. Thus, life leaves its first traces early on. Tiredness, dullness or even fine wrinkles appear on the face.

So it’s only understandable that people crave effective methods and treatments for skin rejuvenation.

Perhaps you have also used expensive creams with great promises, unsuccessfully. All this can be very disappointing and does not bring you any further in your desire for a fresher look and firmer skin. Creams only work superficially, they do not fix the deeper problem and the cause of skin aging.

However, nowadays you don’t have to have your skin surgically treated either. Skin tightening is also possible without downtime and almost painlessly. The treatment results in significant skin rejuvenation, fewer wrinkles and a radiant, fresh complexion.

Advantages of wrinkle treatment

Genießen Sie das Resultat Ihrer Gesichtsbehandlung

Wrinkle smoothing using Botox and hyaluron is one of the most effective methods today.

The advantages:

  • Wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • The contour of your face is restored
  • Skin hydration is improved
  • Skin quality and radiance are increased
  • Skin redness is visibly reduced and skin color is improved

Depending on your age and skin condition, injection therapy is used. This is done at an interval of four weeks, between one to three times. Let yourself be fascinated by the success of skin rejuvenation!

Become the most attractive version of yourself through treatment at our Cleanskin Store in Munich.

The beauty booster for your skin

Unlike a cream, Beauty Boosters are injected and quickly make the skin look fresh again. A filler substance is gently injected under the wrinkle with a fine needle and plumps it up from below.

For naturally beautiful and long-lasting results, so-called temporary fillers are used, which are naturally broken down by the body over time. This means that fine, medium and even pronounced wrinkles can be corrected quickly and reliably. Wrinkle injections are thus a gentle alternative to surgical procedures.

The success is visible immediately after the treatment. For this purpose, Dr. Sachstetter only uses products whose mode of action has been proven by means of studies.

Naturally beautiful – with professional wrinkle treatment

Your personality and natural radiance are the focus of our aesthetic treatments.

The goal is to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance without looking “done”. That is why we always take great care to ensure that the treatment results look completely natural.

Wecome the most attractive version of yourself – through treatment at our Cleanskin Store in Munich.


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Procedure of wrinkle treatment at Cleanskin in Munich

In a free consultation at our Cleanskin Store in Munich, Dr. med. Sachstetter will explain the wrinkle treatment process to you. You will be informed in detail about the treatment procedure, as well as about the different methods and preparations of the treatment. Furthermore, you will be informed about possible risks of the treatment.

All further questions will be answered during this consultation.

The treatments vary in time (depending on the method) and will be communicated to you in advance during the consultation.

You have the option of a free follow-up & debriefing appointment in the period of 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

Normally you do not need this, but our claim is that you feel well taken care of!

Please note that you should not make this appointment later than 3 weeks after the treatment.

After the initial treatments at intervals of several weeks, a freshness boost every 7 – 9 month is generally sufficient.

To do this, simply come to an appointment with Dr. Sachstetter at our Cleanskin store in Munich.

Some before and after examples of wrinkle treatment

Cost of wrinkle treatment at Cleanskin?

Kinn- & Mundwinkelpartie

Chin & mouth corner area
from 150€

from 200€

Frown line
from 200€

Crow’s feet
from 200€

Décolleté & neck
from 240€

Nasolabial fold
from 350€

Marionette folds
from 350€

Tear furrow
from 350€

Cheek wrinkles / volume building
from 350€

Lip augmentation or lip contouring
from 350€

Lift the corners of the mouth
from 350€

Frequently asked questions

The treatment is generally perceived as little stress and little pain. Together with the use of ultra-fine needles, this means maximum treatment comfort for you, e.g. when treating sensitive areas such as the lips.

Your worries that treatment will cause you to lose the ability to show emotions and just be yourself are completely unfounded. You will simply look fresher after the treatment. Botox and hyaluron blend into the tissue so smoothly and gently that they become like a part of you!

You will be able to show what you feel and who you are with confidence again. No one will guess that you have added a little to your rejuvenated appearance.

What our customers say

Karin Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Tolle Beratung und kompetentes Team! Ich hatte schon drei Microneedling Behandlungen und bin mit dem Ergebnis super zufrieden. Meine Haut fühlt sich jünger und strahlender…

Karin, 41

leonie Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Dauerhaft glatte Beine – was will man mehr? Kompetente Beratung und tolles Ergebnis. Bin auf jeden Fall zufrieden!

Leonie, 25

Mike Kundenstimme dauerhaft glatte Beine Cleanskin München

I had my chest hair removed with IPL hair removal – it was completely painless! I could enjoy my summer vacation without constant shaving.

Mike, 33

Julia Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

I can highly recommend the different facial treatments. It’s the perfect solution for younger skin. I feel 10 years younger. 🙂

Julia, 52

Julia dauerhafte Haarentfernung München Kundenstimme

Ich hatte früher Akne und daher leichte Narben auf meinen Wangen. Dank Cleanskin hab ich jetzt wieder eine schöne Haut!

Julia, 29

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