Get rid of unwanted hair permanently!

Silky smooth thighs in a woman or a completely hair-free back are simply beautiful and usually please potential partners.

However, getting there with constant shaving or waxing can be painful and annoying.

Would you like a permanent, stress-free solution? Tired of stubble, painful waxing or annoying epilation?

We at Cleanskin Munich together with Dr. med. Brigitte Sachstetter make your dream of increased attractiveness and more self-confidence come true with comfortable permanent hair removal! We rely on a mix of the most innovative technologies and methods with light and laser to achieve the best result for you!

Permanent hair removal in Munich

The Cleanskin team together with Dr. med. Brigitte Sachstetter frees women and men from time-consuming epilation, waxing, plucking with tweezers or torture with wax strips.

Since every person reacts differently to individual treatment methods, we rely on a mix of all the best technologies on the market. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible results for your laser hair removal.

Cleanskin Munich and Dr. Brigitte Sachstetter consider all skin types and their individual hair structures. Numerous clinical studies and observations prove the effectiveness and safety for this method of permanent hair removal. The results for permanent laser hair removal are clearly visible within a few weeks.


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An overview of our offer:

Laser – The diode laser achieves very successful permanent removal of body hair – especially in the Snow White type (dark hair, light skin). The permanent result is quickly visible, as the laser focuses the light in a targeted manner and penetrates the skin, thereby destroying the hair roots.

SHR – The SHR light method shows very good results. In contrast to the diode laser, the SHR hair removal uses scattered light. Hair removal with light is gentler and less painful than other methods. In our experience, however, this also requires more treatments until the root of the hair is destroyed and it doesn’t back anymore. SHR is also suitable for lighter hair.

IPL – or a combination of IPL & Radiofrequency – The IPL method is also an effective method for almost all hair and skin types. The radio frequency improves the effective range of the light impulses & supports IPL and SHR in preheating the hair roots. In addition, the skin is tightened by intensive deep heat.

The duration of the treatment for permanent hair removal varies depending on the area to be treated, the individual body of our guest and many other factors. This also includes the density and texture of the hair to be permanently removed. A treatment can therefore take between 15 minutes and 2 hours. The Cleanskin Munich team together with Dr. Brigitte Sachstetter attaches great importance to a thorough and safe treatment with permanent results. That is why a Cleanskin treatment (according to many customers) for permanent hair removal usually takes significantly longer than with other providers.

In advance we will give you a forecast of the expected duration of the hair removal.

  • Between 8 and 16 treatments are necessary to get a top result. It may sometimes require fewer or more treatments for certain hair and skin types. (E.g. facial hair usually requires more treatments due to the hair cycle in order to be able to achieve permanent hair removal.)

Side effects of permanent hair removal occur rarely and usually to a minor extent. Your safety has the highest priority, which is why we at Cleanskin Team Munich together with Dr. Brigitte Sachstetter also postpone treatments from time to time.

The hair removal can cause reddening of the skin that only lasts a few hours. Skin discoloration or severe skin irritation with crust formation on the hair roots and skin are rare.

Our Cleanskin Munich team and Dr. Brigitte Sachstetter will be happy to assist you in a personal and free consultation. Simply make an appointment online and we will explain all side effects and prices to you and answer all your questions.

The results of permanent hair removal in Munich are clearly visible within a few weeks.

After 8-16 treatments, the results of hair removal can last for several years. Many former customers confirm to us again and again the increased quality of life gained through successful hair removal.

We treat almost all hair and skin types and both women and men. Our areas of application at Cleanskin Munich are:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Armpits
  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bikini line and genital area
  • Legs
  • Before the treatment for hair removal the area to be treated should be shaved ideally the day before. The shorter the hair, the less painful the treatment.
  • Epilating, plucking and waxing should be avoided for at least three weeks prior to permanent hair removal treatment. Shaving your hair is good.
  • Regardless of the method of permanent hair removal we recommend protecting yourself well from solar radiation.
  • It is very important, above all, to protect the area to be treated from light UV radiation beforehand.

Reasons for permanent hair removal Munich?

The reasons why women and men turn to Cleanskin and Dr. Sachstetter are different. They often suffer from such strong hair growth that among other things their self-esteem is massively impaired. Dark hair in particular is very visible and needs constant treatment.

Permanent hair removal in Munich leaves much more time for the pleasant things in life. Most customers simply no longer want to shave, epilate or do painful waxing every day. Thanks to the mix of various methods, the permanent hair removal Munich at Cleanskin offers exactly this permanent solution.

After 8-16 treatments, your hair cannot grow back for several years because the hair roots are destroyed. This means immense time and cost savings. Of course, we will advise you in a free consultation about your first treatment for permanent hair removal. Simply make an appointment online with our Cleanskin Team in Munich.

Gründe für eine dauerhafte Haarentfernung München?
Karin Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Tolle Beratung und kompetentes Team! Ich hatte schon drei Microneedling Behandlungen und bin mit dem Ergebnis super zufrieden. Meine Haut fühlt sich jünger und strahlender…

Karin, 41

leonie Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Dauerhaft glatte Beine – was will man mehr? Kompetente Beratung und tolles Ergebnis. Bin auf jeden Fall zufrieden!

Leonie, 25

Mike Kundenstimme dauerhaft glatte Beine Cleanskin München

I had my chest hair removed with IPL hair removal – it was completely painless! I could enjoy my summer vacation without constant shaving.

Mike, 33

How does permanent hair removal at Cleanskin work?

Wie funktioniert eine Haarentfernung München bei Cleanskin?

Permanent hair removal in Munich at Cleanskin is carried out with a method in which the so-called IPL laser is used. Cleanskin almost exclusively uses technology made in Germany or made in Europe. The method will be adjusted beforehand to the specific conditions of your skin. Flashes of light are used to send light impulses to the skin, which are converted into heat by the melanin (the skin’s color pigment).

The heat is passed on to the hair roots, which eventually becomes deserted. The hair follicle is practically removed permanently. The light impulse is mostly painless, but can be felt as a slight prick. According to our experience, this pecking is not a major problem for most of our customers. We also have a lot of experience with people who are more sensitive – so we will also find the right method in this case.

Human hair roots are not always active at the same time. A large part of the root is temporarily in a “state of rest”. Per treatment and depending on the method of permanent hair removal, around 20 percent of the hair roots in the treated area are destroyed. Therefore, several hair treatments are often necessary until a complete reduction of the hair root is achieved.

What are the advantages of the laser method for permanent hair removal?

Your team at Cleanskin Munich has experience in the field of body hair lasers since 2005. In advance, we clarify your personal success prognosis in a free, individual consultation and prepare an offer. We provide you with a clearly defined treatment period and choose the best method. We only treat people for whom we believe permanent hair removal treatment has a good chance of success.

Your individual hair analysis and the treatment with photo documentation are essential to us. Cleanskin together with Dr. Sachstetter takes into account all skin types and their individual structure of the hair in order to select the right methods.

Before each treatment, we check whether the general conditions have changed and what the current result of the treatment looks like.

Side effects are very rare and the results of the respective methods are clearly visible within a few weeks. The hair root is destroyed quickly and permanently.


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Which permanent hair removal method is right for me?

The basis for any good treatment at Cleanskin is created during the consultation. The consultation will determine whether you are even suitable for laser hair removal treatment. It is determined which skin type you correspond to and which methods of treatment with the laser are suitable for you. The latest laser and IPL technologies work quickly, effectively and painlessly. This applies to every part of the body and to every gender. Enjoy your smooth skin effortlessly with the permanent laser hair removal from Cleanskin.​1​ In addition, a study on IPL laser treatments shows that this method is highly effective, long-lasting and safe for permanent hair removal.​2​

SHR Technology at Cleanskin

The SHR laser technology stands for Super Hair Removal. High frequency light pulses from the laser, heat the lower layers of the skin where the roots of the hair are located. The skin is gently treated with the SHR laser and the surrounding skin is heated.

The advantages are that the treatment is less painful and can be performed regardless of tanned skin. Darker hair on lighter skin can be permanently and more easily removed by SHR than vice versa.

innovative technique
painless application due to work with low energy
works with continuous light pulses and gliding technique “In-Motion
enables hair- skin type independent smooth skin without hair

IPL Technology at Cleanskin

IPL laser technology stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The results with IPL technology are highly dependent on the skin pigmentation and the intensity of the pigmentation of the skin.

The advantage of IPL technology for permanent hair removal is that very many skin and hair types can be treated extremely gently and effectively. Thus, the application possibility is very wide.

proven technology for permanent solution at Cleanskin Munich
additionally improves your skin appearance (smooth skin without hair)
works with single light pulses
enables precise and effective work with different treatment areas

Diode laser technology at Cleanskin

The treatment for permanent hair removal Munich uses a so-called diode laser. This belongs to the semiconductors and reaches a wavelength of 810nm. The diode laser is also used to be able to permanently remove particularly deep-seated hair.

The advantage of this treatment is that dark hairs on light skin achieve the most effective results. In addition, this application is very effective for deep-seated and thick hairs (e.g. back).

Combination – IPL & Radio Frequency (RF)

The advantage of this treatment is that for permanent hair removal, the lighter hairs, can be treated much more effectively. These often do not respond well to a simple IPL application.

However, according to the experience of the Cleanskin team, in many cases the results are even better (for women and men) with the combination of laser and IPL.

RF improves the range of the light impulses & supports IPL and SHR
gently increases the working energy
preheats the hair root
tightens the skin through intensive deep heat
works with high frequency current of 1 MHz

Which areas can be treated for permanent hair removal?

First of all, the good news: We at the Cleanskin Munich Beauty Team treat most hair types and skin types, as well as women and men. Our specialists will permanently remove your hair problem. Our goal is smooth skin, effortless and without annoying hair. Look forward to a treatment specially adapted for you using the latest technologies – laser, SHR, IPL or IPL combined with radio frequency.

What are the areas of application?

At Cleanskin we offer the following areas of application for permanent hair removal:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Armpits
  • Chest & Upper body
  • Back
  • Bikini line and genital area
  • Legs
  • Arms

Wann darf ich keine Behandlung durchführen lassen?

  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker
  • Pigment abnormalities
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Skin cancer
  • Pregnancy (up to 3 months after delivery)
  • Fungal diseases
  • Extremely light and sun sensitive skin
  • Skin areas with birthmarks

What is the course of a treatment at Cleanskin?

Our Cleanskin Beauty experts will be happy to have a free initial consultation with you to clarify all the questions you have about permanent hair removal and what your chances of success are. Women and men have very good experiences with us and are happy about their smooth skin without hair.

We will explain to you in a personal conversation how permanent hair removal Munich works at Cleanskin and how the hair removal process works.

The condition of your skin and hair is an essential factor for the method to be used for permanent hair removal.

This can never be clarified on the phone, just come by without obligation – you will not regret it!

First, before the first treatment for permanent hair removal Munich is determined exactly which area will be treated.

Then a special cooling gel is applied to the skin to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Since heat is generated for a short time, the skin is protected from burns and cooled at the same time.

In the second session, the beauty specialists of permanent hair removal Munich examine the result of the initial treatment very closely.

To become permanently hair-free, further sessions are necessary.

Sunbathing should be avoided as far as possible for the next 4-6 weeks.

If the treated area is exposed to strong sunlight, a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is recommended.

We advise avoiding deodorants containing alcohol or perfumes on the treated area on the same day of treatment.

Since there are three growth phases in the hair or hair, the treatment must be repeated at least 8-16 times to achieve a satisfactory result.

Again, there may be variations due to the nature of the hair and skin.

What do I have to consider before and after each treatment for permanent hair removal?

Before laser hair removal

  • Shave your hair. The shorter, the less painful the laser hair removal is. Optimally, however, not on the same day of hair removal.
  • (It is recommended to shave the hair 1 day before the treatment)
  • At least three weeks before treatment, you should not epilate, wax or pluck the hair on the area to be treated
  • Do not use perfumes or shampoos on the area to be treated on the day of treatment
  • Avoid direct sunlight and protect the area to be treated from the sun for approx. 4-6 weeks
  • Avoid taking drugs that make you more sensitive to light

After laser hair removal

  • Avoid direct sunlight and therefore do not go into the sun with the treated area for 3-4 weeks
  • Use cooling gel to cool the hair removal area
  • In strong sunshine, it is important to use a high sun protection factor
  • Deodorants containing alcohol or perfume should not be used on the treated area on the same day
  • Do not visit the solarium after hair removal
  • Ensure good and intensive skin care with moisturizers
  • Photosensitive drugs immediately after any hair removal method

Your result – hair-free at last

Ihr Resultat einer dauerhaften Haarentfernung München

A study using an 810 nm diode laser shows a 70% reduction in hair for over 1 year after the last treatment.​3​

Shortly after the first treatment for permanent hair removal Munich, you can look forward to the first hair-free areas on your body. You can of course continue to shave your hair until the next treatment appointment.

Your Cleanskin beauty specialist will explain the exact procedure before and after laser hair removal. Intensive skin care with moisturizers after the treatment is recommended.

Let us advise you – we lead our customers to the ideal result – permanently hair-free through laser hair removal!

Are there any side effects to permanent hair removal treatment?

Side effects of permanent hair removal occur rarely and usually only to a minor extent. Reddening of the skin can develop that lasts only a few hours. Skin discoloration or severe skin irritation with crust formation are rare. No anesthesia is required during hair removal. With dark skin types, there is a rare risk of pigment shifting. The color change of the skin usually disappears by itself after a while. Basically, it can be said that side effects are rarely to be expected in experienced institutes.

The costs of permanent hair removal

In our studio in Munich we offer individual areas as well as various treatment packages. The cost of hair removal on legs, armpits and the genital area including bikini line varies depending on the hair growth and area. Basically, the costs per treatment are from € 33 for the upper lip and up to € 225 for back and shoulder hair.

Laser hair removal at Cleanskin in Munich is very profitable in the long term and therefore significantly cheaper than most other methods in the long term. If you are not sure whether the treatment method is suitable for you, you have the opportunity to carry out a one-off, very inexpensive test treatment. Here you get a small area as a test for 20 euros and for a larger area as a single test treatment for 49 euros!

Cleanskin – much more affordable than you might think!

Many customers would like to know in advance exactly how much the complete treatment for permanent hair removal costs. However, to forecast this exactly is, in our experience, unserious. The characteristics of skin and hair are too different. Many of our customers have had bad experiences with cheap offers and ended up paying more. However, to satisfy your curiosity at least partially, here are a few examples of how your investment in a more attractive version of yourself can look. We will be happy to discuss what is the best solution for you in person. Simply book an appointment online with our Cleanskin Beauty team.

Upper lip

ab 33.00 €

Intimate area (including butt crease, bikini line)

ab 99.00 €

Back (including neck & shoulders)

ab 225.00 €

Upper arms

ab 105.00 €


ab 129.00 €

Lower leg (including feet)

ab 129.00 €

Frequently asked questions

Results of depilation / hair removal Munich are already well visible within a few weeks. Usually the result is best immediately after the 1st treatment. How many sessions are necessary for a permanently smooth result depends mainly on your hair and skin type. Therefore, it takes several treatments until a complete reduction of hair roots is achieved.

At least 4 sessions are necessary, the pain is bearable and anesthesia is not necessary. As a rule, the skin remains hairless for a longer period of time, usually the effect lasts for several years up to 7 years of smooth skin. So laser shaving is more permanent than shaving with razor, epilator, sugaring, waxing & waxing. Whether body, face or intimate area (bikini line), hair can be permanently removed with hair removal.

The cost depends on several factors. For example, the area to be treated, the number of hair removal appointments and the selected treatment package all play a role. In any case, a free and non-binding consultation is worthwhile. The hair removal of the upper lip starts at 33.00 euros and a back depilation (including neck and shoulder) starts at 225.00 euros.

Since laser hair removal is permanent, it turns out cheaper in the long run than waxing, shaving with razor, epilator and sugaring. Whether intimate area (bikini area), face or body by hair removal hair can be permanently removed.

As a rule, the skin remains hairless (smooth skin) for at least 1 year after the completion of treatments, often the effect lasts for several years. Experience shows that much less hair comes back because the hair root has been damaged. The hairs are then often even lighter and thinner and therefore much less disturbing. Therefore, these methods are more permanent than waxing (wax), shaving (razor), epilating (epilator), sugaring.

Whether face, body or intimate area (bikini line), hair removal in Cleanskin Institute can have hair permanently removed. Our customers, both women and men, are very satisfied with their smooth skin.

The great advantage at Cleanskin is that we work with several different technologies. The hair and skin of our customers dictates which technology is used. With all our experience we decide which technology of depilation / hair removal is best for you and adjust it if necessary. With the selected technology, the marked areas are treated piece by piece with short flashes of light.

The difference between laser and IPL method:
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a broadband pulsed light source (white uniformly moving light), while laser is a monochromatic coherent light source (single color light that emits a continuous wave train). Both methods target the melanin in the hair follicles (hair follicle) and provide lasting results.

The duration of hair removal depends on the size of the area to be treated. The duration of treatment varies from 15 minutes for smaller areas of skin to 2 hours for both legs. The more hair, the denser the hair, the more complex the hair removal. Basically, hair removal for women and men is permanent and less time intensive than removing hair with a razor, epilator. Smooth hair on the body, face and intimate area (bikini line).

Hair removal with diode laser or IPL usually requires about 8-12 sessions. Not everyone has the same conditions, so it may happen that you need fewer or more treatments. You can get a good estimate of this already during your consultation with the Cleanskin experts.

How often do you usually use your epilator or razor? And how long can you enjoy smooth skin without hair? Hair removal at Cleanskin is definitely more permanent. Hair removal is possible on the body, face and intimate area (bikini line).

As a rule, only around 20 to 30 percent of hairs are in a growth phase at any one time – and only these can be effectively sclerosed by the laser. It can often take several months before you have smooth skin that is soft to the touch and free of stubble. The hairs that we have removed remain permanently gone. However, it is possible that new hair roots are stimulated to grow due to hormonal changes, for example. These then usually appear in significantly smaller numbers as well as lighter and thinner. Our Cleanskin experts have a solution for this case as well.

Side effects should be greatly minimized by the previous consultation and analysis in our studio. Reddening of the skin may occur, which lasts only a few hours.

Dark-skinned people are at risk of a pigment shift. However, the color change in the skin usually disappears all by itself over time. We place extremely high value on the safety of your hair removal and prefer not to treat you if in doubt.

Laser hair removal (IPL hair removal) is one of the methods of permanent hair removal Munich. The destroyed hair roots do not form hair for many years. The latest laser technologies are suitable for hair removal for almost all skin and hair types. Women and men often have different areas (body, face, intimate area) where they want hair removal. At the Cleanskin Institute we educate you about all areas of hair removal!

Removal of hair from the face can cost from 33 euros for a partial area per session, from 40 euros on the armpits, from 50 euros in the intimate area and from 80 euros on the legs. Women and men are very satisfied with the permanent result of hair removal. Smooth skin on the body, face and intimate areas are our goal.

Immediately after laser hair removal, the area to be treated should be cooled with a cooling gel until any burning sensation subsides. There may also be a slight burning or warm sensation on the skin. These phenomena usually subside within a few minutes or hours. In any case, avoid direct sunlight. Since the hair removal destroyed the hair or the hair root.

While laser devices can only be used by certified facilities and doctors’ offices, IPL devices can be used by almost anyone. This, of course, creates a very diverse market. You should decide for yourself who you trust. Unfortunately, most customers can only judge the safety and effectiveness of permanent hair removal after a few months.
In the right hands and with properly maintained technology, both laser and IPL treatments are highly effective, long lasting and safe.

This study ( ) shows that this new IPL system is both efficient and safe for hair removal. Since the follow-up time of 8 months is twice as long as the cycle time for hair in the bikini area, the hair removal achieved in this study was long lasting.

IPL hair removal: 6 weeks “flash”.

Each of those selected “flashed” at home with one of the five IPL devices for six weeks – once or twice a week – after thorough instruction. The conclusion after five to six treatments of the hair – The hair-free result of an IPL hair removal can be seen!

The durability of laser hair removal is considered sensational by many of our customers. This is always in conjunction with several treatments of the hair. As a rule, only about 20 to 30 percent of the hairs are in a growth phase at the same time – and only these can be effectively obliterated by the laser or hair removal.

In order to achieve the result of hair removal (caressingly soft and stubble-free smooth skin), several months sometimes pass. But even here, the fast, effective and safe treatment of permanent hair removal Munich with Cleanskin pays off.

Unlike IPL hair removal, a laser can treat hair removal only limited, because this technology has only one wavelength. Therefore, the laser can be used only in the combination of very light skin and dark hair.

IPL technology has a spectrum of wavelengths and can therefore treat multiple hair and skin types.
Cleanskin combines IPL with another technology, radiofrequency. This combination also enables permanent removal of fine and lighter hairs. An exact analysis of your skin and hair type by experienced specialists is essential.

In this way, the most diverse hair and skin types can be optimally treated.

Before each hair removal we perform a detailed analysis on you (image documentation, etc.). This allows us to document the progress of treatment and give you the confidence that the treatment can be performed on you. Afterwards, the pleasant relaxation phase begins. This prepares you optimally for the subsequent light treatment.

Before the treatment, your skin is cleansed. Then a gel is applied to the skin. After setting the optimal parameters for you, the skin area you have selected is completely treated with the cooling sapphire. Finally, we pamper your smooth skin with a soothing skin care cream.

You will feel a slight tingling sensation, possibly an unpleasant pricking sensation in very sensitive areas. It is very helpful if you come to the hair removal rested and stress-free, as your pain sensation will be lower. Your Cleanskin dermisthetic therapists will offer you several ways to relax before each treatment. The atmosphere in our Sonnenstrasse studio, which most of our clients find very pleasant, also helps.

There are two things to avoid during permanent hair removal: direct sunlight on the area to be treated and taking medication. Adverse effects can occur with these factors, as the skin is not in your normal state. There may be an increased sensitivity to light, which may manifest itself as sunburn or slight pigmentation after the treatment. To avoid this, we ask before each treatment.

Yes and No. The method of superficial hair removal such as shaving, cutting or using depilatory creams is allowed at any time. Any form of epilation (removal of hair including the root, such as waxing, sugaring or epilating) is not recommended.

What our customers say

Karin Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Tolle Beratung und kompetentes Team! Ich hatte schon drei Microneedling Behandlungen und bin mit dem Ergebnis super zufrieden. Meine Haut fühlt sich jünger und strahlender…

Karin, 41

leonie Kundenstimme Gesichtsbehandlung Cleanskin München

Dauerhaft glatte Beine – was will man mehr? Kompetente Beratung und tolles Ergebnis. Bin auf jeden Fall zufrieden!

Leonie, 25

Mike Kundenstimme dauerhaft glatte Beine Cleanskin München

I had my chest hair removed with IPL hair removal – it was completely painless! I could enjoy my summer vacation without constant shaving.

Mike, 33

Cleanskin News and Facts

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