Whole body cryotherapy

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Discover the benefits of cryotherapy at Cleanskin in Munich!

Cleanskin cryotherapy with LifeCube

The LifeCube cold sauna is incredibly quick to perform, uncomplicated, extremely convenient and easy to integrate into everyday life. For many fitness, health and performance-oriented people, cryotherapy fits super into their individual lifestyle.

In our cryosauna (whole body cold therapy) you spend 3 minutes at up to -100 degrees. Feet and hands are protected by Crocs and gloves. In addition, you use earmuffs and a face mask. If desired, you can switch on a cold air boost. This makes the experience even more intense.

One spends a minute in the antechamber (about 20 degrees minus) to prepare even better physically and mentally for the treatment. Due to the extracted humidity in the whole-body cold therapy, the body does not get wet. You simply enter the LifeCube in your underwear. Otherwise, no preparations are necessary.

Kryotherapie bei Cleanskin München
Kryotherapie München

Cold chamber with LifeCube

Even people who suffer from claustrophobia can usually use the treatment without any problems. You can see out and out of any chamber at any time. Most of the users are surprised that the treatment is much more pleasant than they expected. For example, cold showers are perceived as much more unpleasant.

Treatments can also be done every day (depending on preference). A 3 minute cryo session is almost always possible and the location of Cleanskin between Sendlinger Tor and Stachus is easily accessible for many Munich residents.

Whether you need an energy boost before an important meeting or you’re convinced you can improve your performance with the LifeCube. There are many reasons for a cold treatment at Cleanskin.

Possible advantages of cryotherapy?

Was ist Kryotherapie?

Many users report that the cold treatment has a positive effect on their body and soul in many ways. Discover the benefits of cryotherapy at very fair conditions.

Become the most attractive version of yourself!

  • Cold chamber at up to -100 °C – increase motivation and energy.
  • The whole body is in the cold chamber.
  • The fact that the head is also exposed to the treatment is not the case with conventional nitrogen cold tubes.
  • With the Cleanskin LifeCube, however, the whole body is exposed to the cold.
  • Comfortable and very fast treatments
    Live the adventure of a completely new experience.
  • The trend from the top sports, arrived from America now also in Germany.
  • Many users report that the treatment helps to balance body and mind.
  • A biohacking trend that has it all: The feeling afterwards is indescribable
  • Many top athletes and e.g. Champions League football clubs use the cold therapy to increase their performance.
  • Accompanying altitude training (pre-acclimatization)
  • Cold applications of Kneipp & Co. Have been used for 200 years (Pastor Kneipp).
  • Many top athletes use cold because they hope for better recovery.
  • Increased focus: during and shortly after the treatment you are fully focused on your body – this is like meditation for many users.
  • The body focuses strongly on its survival instincts for 3 minutes.
  • Warm up and cool down: for pre-cooling and after-cooling in sports.
  • You can always challenge your comfort zone.
  • After visiting our ice sauna, the body temperature on the skin surface is usually about 5 to 12°C.

Primitive peoples such as the Inuit have a permanently higher metabolic rate. For the human body, an operating temperature of 36 to 37 degrees is essential. We know from polar explorers that they need around 5,000 calories a day to maintain their weight when exposed to the cold. Maintaining body temperature is at least as important to the body as maintaining water balance.

Due to the cold, the body is forced to use more energy.

Procedure of cryotherapy at Cleanskin in Munich

In a free consultation, our Cleanskin team will explain the process of cryotherapy to you. You will be informed about the treatment procedure and it will be clarified exactly which method of cryotherapy is most suitable for you.

You will also be informed about when it is better not to undergo cryotherapy. All other questions will be answered during this consultation. Afterwards you can book an appointment!

Minus 100 °Celsius may sound extremely cold, but a visit to the cold chamber is definitely perceived as pleasant. You enter the cold chamber dressed in a mouth guard, headband, bikini or swim trunks, gloves and shoes.

The application with the LifeCube is particularly gentle, as this electric cold chamber is operated completely without nitrogen.

Whole-body cryotherapy with the LifeCube cold chamber is one of the safest of its kind. The refrigeration units and the cooled ambient air can be lowered to as low as minus 100 °Celsius.

While you are in the cold chamber, your body may release happy hormones, possibly activate the body’s regeneration and may stimulate fat burning. After a maximum of three min in the chamber, you will feel refreshed and recovered, as many customers report.

After cryotherapy you should keep your body warm and relax. After a short time your body will return to normal temperature.

You will feel comfortable and relaxed after the treatment. Even directly after the treatment, our Cleanskin team will of course be at your disposal for any concerns.

A healthy calorie-conscious diet and a sports program support the treatments.

Costs of cryotherapy at Cleanskin Munich?

Price per single treatmentTest priceSingle unitIn package of 6In package of 12
Lymphatic drainage25€49€22€18€


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