Lymphatic drainage is a pleasant decongestive therapy that stimulates the flow of lymph in the body by applying upward and downward pressure.

Since especially in tattoo removal & cryotherapy the degraded substances are mainly removed via the lymph, lymphatic drainage is often used in parallel with the treatment.


What exactly is lymphatic drainage & how does it work?

Besides the blood circulation, the lymph circulation is the most important transport system in the body – this also has an impact on the immune system. When fluids build up in the body, this is usually visible through small swellings of the skin. However, gentle massage techniques can relieve these swellings and the accumulated fluids are transported away again.

Pressotherapy/compression therapy “mechanical lymphatic drainage” with heat therapy is an exclusive and detoxifying treatment. At the same time it is a very popular and very pleasant therapy. Compression therapy promotes circulation and stimulates your metabolism. It reduces the accumulation of lymph fluids and at the same time still tightens the connective tissue.

In this way, water retention in the feet and legs is significantly reduced. In addition, the special massage is helpful and beneficial for figure problems (fat loss), cellulite (orange peel skin), spider veins and varicose veins.

Since congestion occasionally occurs in the tissues, massage or lymphatic drainage can stimulate the flow of lymph.

Fluid and nutrients enter the tissue via the bloodstream. A part is transported away again via the blood and a part remains in the tissue. Substances that are absorbed through the skin or, as in the case of tattoo removal, are broken down by the skin, collect between the tissues and are transported away via the lymphatic channels.


When is lymphatic drainage worthwhile?


The treatment is suitable for multiple and regular applications and is excellent for:

  • Improvement of sluggish lymphatic drainage
  • Prevention of varicose veins and thrombosis
  • Improvement of heavy, tired legs , edema and fluid retention
  • Cellulite and fat burning (fat loss)
    obesity- nutritional and metabolic disease (overweight)
    general detoxification and purification
  • lymphedema and venous edema
  • weight loss
  • Shapes legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen

Revilate your skin!

Revitalizing the tissues helps to slim and redefine (the legs, abdomen and arms) and improves the overall appearance of the skin. In a word, it is a revolutionary procedure that restores the natural functions of the body. The massage is started by putting on the cuffs with the air chambers.

After the massager is activated, pressure waves and heat are created. These waves glide in a certain rhythm from the feet, through the legs to the hips and buttocks. At the same time they have the effect of mechanical lymphatic drainage and stimulate lymph flow. In most cases, feet and legs feel much lighter after the treatment.

Due to the heat (up to 75 ˚Grad) you will sweat properly and thus lose a lot of fluid. Thus, you will also immediately lose neat excess fats (fat loss). The therapy usually lasts about 30 minutes and is recommended 2 times a week.

When should lymphatic drainage not be performed?

In principle, there are no risks associated with lymphatic drainage. However, if you suffer from acute thrombosis or cardiac insufficiency, we strongly advise against lymphatic drainage. Organ or circulatory disorders can also be a negative criterion. In case of doubt, a doctor or expert should always be consulted!

In what order should I do the treatment(s)?

It is recommended to do lymphatic drainage after the respective treatment (tattoo removal / cryotherapy), not before.

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Cost of lymphatic drainage at Cleanskin Munich?

Price per single treatmentTest priceSingle unitIn package of 6In package of 12
Cryotherapy session25€49€22€18€


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