Your investment at Cleanskin to become the most attractive version of yourself.

Many of our clients are very surprised when they first learn about the conditions of Cleanskin treatments. Often they are cheaper than they previously thought of Cleanskin. We place an extremely high value on an excellent price – performance ratio. This means above all that you actually get the desired result of your treatment.

With a Cleanskin treatment you can trust that:

You can easily request a free consultation with our Cleanskin team now!

How much is the investment for permanent hair removal?

The prices for permanent hair removal in Munich depend on several factors. Thus, the area to be treated, the number of treatments and the selected treatment package play a role. Permanent hair removal at Cleanskin in Munich pays off in the long term and is therefore also a lot cheaper than other hair removal methods. Cleanskin is not only gentle to the skin, but also permanent. Daily shaving, epilating and waxing is then finally history!

In any case, a free and non-binding consultation is worthwhile, because there you will learn everything that is important for you. Each treatment is as individual as the skin of each person, so the treatment costs can only be determined through an information session.

Cleanskin – much cheaper than you think!

Many customers would like to know in advance what exactly permanent hair removal costs. However, to say this exactly is, in our experience, unserious. The characteristics of skin and hair are too different. Many of our customers have had bad experiences with cheap offers and ended up paying more. However, to satisfy your curiosity, at least partially, here are a few examples of how your investment in a more attractive version of yourself can look. We will be happy to discuss what is the best solution for you in person. The prices listed are sample prices per treatment, as you will find when booking individual packages..

Upper lipfrom 33€
Intimate (including butt fold)from 99€
Back (including neck & shoulders)from 225€
Upper armsfrom 105€
Thighfrom 129€
Lower leg (including feet)from 129€

How much is the investment in laser tattoo removal?

Single tattoo removal treatmentfrom 90€

How often a tattoo must be treated and how much each treatment costs depends on various factors. So, among other things, the following factors must be considered in a tattoo removal:

Only if all these factors are taken into account, a reasonably accurate forecast can be given how often the tattoo must be treated until it is completely gone. That is why we offer you a free consultation in which we will discuss these issues together.

What is the investment for each Dermisthetik® facial treatment?

As skin specialists, we know what is good for the skin. With proven gentle, yet very effective facial treatments, we bring your skin back to radiance and help you achieve smooth and young skin.

Price per single treatmentTest priceUnit priceIn package of 6In package of 12
Microdermabrasion with ultrasound99€129€109€99€
Medical microneedling with radio frequency and ultrasound199€299€239€219€
Dermisthetik® package: combination of microdermabrasion and microneedling289€409€339€309€
Hollywood Peeling99€129€109€99€

Invest for cold chamber and cryolypolysis

Price per single treatmentTest priceUnit priceIn package of 6In package of 12
Cryotherapy (cold chamber) (3 min application time)25€49€22€18€
Lymphatic drainage 30 min (has a supporting effect)25€49€22€18€

You still have questions?

We are always available to answer your questions before, during and after treatment. Your treatment success is very important to us.

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer during a PERSONAL & FREE consultation!

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