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A tattoo burdens you? You would like to have the tattoo removed by laser? We at Cleanskin together with Dr. med. Sachstetter make your dream of laser tattoo removal in Munich come true!

Gentle, thorough and effective! We are your one-stop shop for professional and high-quality removal of tattoos by laser in Munich!

We are Cleanskin together with Brigitte Sachstetter, MD.

Laser tattoo removal Munich – feel free again

Interested in laser tattoo removal Munich? We at Cleanskin in Munich remove together with Dr. med. Sachstetter, besides classic tattoos of all sizes also permanent make up.

At Cleanskin, in addition to laser tattoo removal, there is also wellness for the skin. This is because the areas of skin treated with the laser require subsequent regeneration and care. The Cleanskin team and Dr. med. Sachstetter recommend lymphatic drainage and microdermabrasion for faster regeneration and a perfect result.

Cleanskin Munich, together with Dr. med. Sachstetter, stands for clean, smooth and silky skin when it comes to laser tattoo removal – make a free appointment for the ideal consultation!

Tattooentfernung München - wieder frei fühlen

Laser Tattoo Removal Munich – Your advantages at Cleanskin

In a free consultation in Munich, we create a personal success prognosis and an individual offer for laser tattoo removal. We only do what we are convinced of. If we think that you will not be satisfied with the result of tattoo removal, we will let you know. After thousands of treatments we have the experience what works and what does not.

In addition, you will receive all the information about your clearly defined treatment period, as well as a cost overview.

Our passion is excellent, permanent results in laser tattoo removal Munich. We will help you solve your problem.

With (in our opinion) the gold standard of the latest generation of laser technology the TerraQ10 ND YAG laser we make your wish of removing the unwanted tattoo come true.

The Q-Switched Nd:YAGQ10 is the ideal tool for removing tattoos, pigmented lesions and permanent make up. Using both 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths in one device, we remove dark tattoo colors and pigments as well as light and red colors effectively and gently to the skin. High energy densities and pulse frequencies enable rapid and efficient treatment. Other highlights include the Zoom handpiece with automatic spot detection from 2 – 10 mm and the Genesis mode for anti-aging treatments. Through these technologies we can guarantee a unique result in tattoo removal.

We at Cleanskin, together with Dr. Sachstetter in Munich, are specialists in laser treatment of unwanted tattoos in Munich since 2005.

Our experienced specialists in tattoo removal Munich perform your laser treatment with a lot of routine and are available for any questions you may have. Our alternative practitioners have a lot of experience with professional tattoo removal in Munich. In addition, we work together with medical specialists. This exchange of experience for tattoo removal Munich, serves your safety and the best possible result when removing tattoos.

In order to support the stressed skin and the underlying tissue in its regeneration after the removal of tattoos, we perform additional treatments.

The so-called lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymph, which is responsible for the decomposition of the destroyed color pigments. This results in a faster, increasing fading of the unwanted tattoos.

An additional microdermabrasion treatment, makes the treatment for tattoo removal Munich more gentle and guarantees a better result.

Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter!

Wir freuen uns, Sie dabei zu unterstützen, die attraktivste Version Ihrer selbst zu werden! Gerne kommen wir in einer kostenlosen Beratung persönlich mit Ihnen ins Gespräch.

Ihre Bettina Nusshardt und Ihr Cleanskin-Team

Reasons for laser tattoo removal?

Be it the name of your best friend, a trendy motif or the initials of a beloved person. The reasons for a tattoo are just as varied as the reasons for tattoo removal in Munich. Also, the desire for a clean skin without color and scars can be decisive for the laser removal of a tattoo. Further reasons for removing a tattoo in Munich would be:

  • You regret a tattoo
  • It is not desired in their new professional environment
  • The tattoo did not turn out well
  • You want to make room for a new tattoo
  • You would like to have a clean skin without colors
  • The permanent make up does not correspond any more to your conceptions
  • Your political views have changed
  • You simply have a different aesthetic demand

Gründe für eine Tattooentfernung?

Free analysis & consulting in Munich

Kostenlose Analyse & Beratung zur Microdermabrasion

You want a permanent solution for your tattoo problem? We are always available by phone during our opening hours. If you do not reach anyone, we will be very happy if you leave your name and phone number. We will call you back as soon as possible. Make an appointment to discuss your laser tattoo removal treatment!

During this consultation, our specialists will provide you with all the important information about permanent tattoo removal in Munich using the ND YAG laser. You will learn everything about the treatment process, the duration of tattoo removal Munich by laser and the associated costs.

Get a no-obligation consultation in Munich. Then think about it at your leisure. You can then reach us at any time for an appointment!

Just like all our previous clients, you will be delighted with the quality of our laser tattoo removal methods.

Tattooentfernung mit Laser

Removal of a tattoo with laser

A laser treatment for tattoo removal at Cleanskin Munich together with Dr. Sachstetter proceeds in the following steps:

  • The fine laser light ensures that color pigments absorb the light and burst due to heat.
  • Subsequently, a cleaning process occurs, which leads to the fact that the pigments are removed via the body’s own lymphatic system.
  • How long such a laser tattoo removal treatment takes depends on the tattoo and personal body characteristics. It is best to assume about 30 minutes per treatment, but often it lasts only a few minutes.
  • During laser tattoo removal, you may experience pain roughly equivalent to that of tattooing.
  • The area to be treated is cooled during and after the tattoo removal Munich and then bandaged.

Can all tattoos be removed?

Basically, all colors of a tattoo or permanent make up can be removed. Dark blue or black color, however, much easier. Removal of lighter colors can be a bit more complicated and lengthy. However, we can help you here as well. During a consultation, we will inform you comprehensively and free of charge about the chances of success with tattoo removal. In a study, the very high customer satisfaction, with our high-quality ND YAG laser for tattoo removal, was shown.1

Many recommendations we receive again and again from top tattoo artists or doctors show that word of our results has spread. We at Cleanskin have already removed many tattoos. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show before/after pictures due to legal reasons.

Wie ist der Ablauf bei der Entfernung eines Tattoos?

The success of the laser treatment tattoo removal Munich depends strongly on the motif, the colors used as well as the stitch depth of the tattoo. In an initial consultation you will learn everything about the chances of success of a treatment.

Thus, the number of sessions, the duration of treatment and the necessary sessions as well as the resulting costs are as individual as the most diverse tattoos.

Precisely for these reasons, a discussion with our experts as well as Dr. Sachstetter is essential.

Thus, the possibilities, the necessary sessions and costs can be raised quite detailed.

First of all, it is determined exactly which area will be treated.

The initial state and the progress of the treatment are documented with a photo. So it becomes apparent how the area to be treated piece by piece develops in the direction of the result.

Before a session for tattoo removal, is of course comprehensively disinfected and applied depending on the sensitivity by our alternative practitioners anesthetic ointment.

Afterwards and also during the tattoo removal treatment, the skin is cooled with the help of a cooling pad. This is done to counteract the heat generated by the laser and make tattoo removal a little more comfortable for the patient.

After the treatment, the treated area is carefully dressed and bandaged.

First, your treating specialist will give you a pair of glasses, which you must use to protect your eyes. Then a laser is used to treat the marked area piece by piece with short flashes of light.

A complete removal of a tattoo is only possible over several sessions. There are longer intervals between treatments so that the ink can break down naturally via the lymphatic system.

Specifically, there must be 4-8 week intervals between laser treatments so that the skin and underlying tissue can regenerate.

The respective interval period is discussed during the initial consultation and also during the treatment, as the reaction of the skin and tissue dictates the ideal interval.

A tattoo removal treatment strongly depends on the size as well as the nature of the tattoo (colors, stitch depth and area) and the body part to be treated.

In general, a tattoo removal session should not exceed 60 minutes.

So it can take several months of tattoo removal before the patient can completely say goodbye to a large or color-intensive tattoo.

We recommend after 4 weeks between tattoo removal appointments a treatment with microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage at Cleanskin. This helps the skin surface to regenerate.

After a tattoo removal in Munich with the ND YAG laser, we recommend the following measures to the patient:

Protect the treated area from the sun as much as possible, or use a strong sun protection factor.
Creams and deodorants containing alcohol should not be used for 48h

We document the progress of tattoo removal in Munich after each session through regular digital photo shoots.

So you and we stay up to date and see how the tattoo removal in Munich develops.

Step by step we approach the desired goal – tattoo removed!

Tattoo removal Munich treatment is repeated every 6-8 weeks to give the skin enough regeneration time.

In our laser treatment of the tattoo we use one of the currently most effective technologies and methods.

What do I have to consider before and after a tattoo removal Munich?

  • There are medications that increase the skin’s sensitivity to light. Unless you need to take such medications regularly, please refrain from taking them before a tattoo removal treatment. Our experts will be happy to advise you on this.
  • The area to be treated must be kept dry and absolutely clean for two days after the tattoo removal treatment in Munich. Otherwise, an infection may occur.
  • The skin is irritated after any laser treatment for tattoo removal. After showering or washing, it is advisable to carefully dab the skin on the treated areas with a clean towel. Avoid any friction as well as tight clothing.
  • Plenty of air is the best balm for any kind of wound healing. Under no circumstances should you create a protective barrier by taping it airtight.
  • In case of redness or swelling after the removal of the tattoo, a cold pack can be applied.
  • Fresh pineapple juice is recommended by many doctors. It contains enzymes that help the body in the healing processes. However, it is enough to drink a glass of pineapple juice in the morning and in the evening for 14 days.
  • Refrain from exercising. This can have a counterproductive effect on the healing process when removing the tattoo.
  • Avoid swimming pools, chlorinated water and saunas.
  • UV light is not favorable either in the blazing sun or in tanning salons. For the entire time of the tattoo removal treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight on the affected skin areas.

Your result of a laser treatment for tattoo removal in Munich

Ihr Resultat einer Tattooentfernung München

The skin and the immune system need about 8 weeks to recover between laser treatments of tattoos. This regeneration time is needed by the lymphatic system to remove the destroyed pigment particles. In any case, before the next laser treatment, the skin area must be completely healed.

A few weeks after the first treatment, you can usually see that your tattoo has become lighter. So you can already enjoy the progress during the treatment time for tattoo removal Munich.

Only a few tattoos can be completely removed in a few sessions by a classic laser treatment for tattoo removal during the treatment. For most tattoos, the removal takes about 12 months. However, once all sessions are completed, you can enjoy your clear skin.

We strive to achieve the best possible result for our customers with a tattoo removal Munich.

Are there side effects with tattoo removal Munich by laser?

During tattoo removal by a laser, side effects may occur in rare cases. However, skin flaking and itching occur at most for the duration of a few days after the treatment. The affected area of the skin should be kept dry for 48 hours and only then undergo post-treatment.

The individual healing process may take more time in individual cases. In addition, the individual physical constitution is different for each person – and thus also the skin condition. The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of the destroyed pigments. It plays a decisive role in the removal of a tattoo.

You will receive from our professional staff all the tips you need for the proper care of the removed tattoo. In this way, the procedure of the tattoo removed at Cleanskin together with Dr. med. Sachstetter will be followed up as gently as possible and side effects will be avoided as much as possible.


How often a tattoo must be treated and how much each treatment costs depends on various factors. Thus, among other things, the following factors must be considered when removing tattoos:

Only when all these factors of tattoo removal are taken into account, a reasonably accurate forecast can be given how often the tattoo must be treated until it is completely gone. That is why we offer you a free consultation, in which we discuss these issues together, so that you can be completely satisfied with your tattoo removal treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The place can be completely re-tattooed after the removal of the tattoo and the. Healing can be completely re-tattooed.

The duration of the tattoo removal depends on the size of the tattoo as well as the texture and the post cooling time. We plan at least 30 minutes for a tattoo removal in Munich.

Between the treatments during the removal of a tattoo, should be about eight weeks, so that the skin and the immune system can recover. It is important that the wound is completely healed before the next tattoo removal can take place.

In particular, this period between treatments for tattoo removal, is important for the removal of the color via the lymphatic system, as this works very sluggishly.

As a rule, health insurance companies do not cover the costs of removing a tattoo. This principle follows the medical reasoning that a tattoo does not represent a health impairment and is placed or removed in free will.

Medications that are not taken regularly and increase sensitivity to light should be avoided before removing a tattoo.
The affected area must be kept dry and absolutely clean for two days after tattoo removal to avoid exposing it to any risk of infection.

The tattoo should not be exposed to the sun during the treatment period.

During the removal treatment, the tattoo is “shot” with the laser light. The individual color pigments absorb the light and then burst due to the heat. These shattered color pigments trigger a small inflammation, which ensures that the body triggers a cleansing process.
The color pigments are removed via the lymphatic system.

Amateur tattoos differ from professional tattoos in some ways. The thickness and also the precision of the lines can vary, as well as the depth of the stitched tattoo during tattoo removal. This can have a different impact on the duration of the tattoo removal.

In our experience, a tattoo is usually easier to remove by a layman. The risks with a professionally stung tattoo is that the tattoo goes deeper into the skin. However, the risks for tattoo removal are minimal, but more laser treatments may be necessary.

The laser can destroy most color pigments during a tattoo removal in Munich. Black or dark blue tattoos are the easiest to remove. With light colors it becomes more difficult, because the skin should not be damaged. There may be a color change during the laser treatment. If this is the case, additional treatments are needed.
The individual conversation and a consultation with a view to the tattoo are essential. Thus, we can create the ideal removal procedure for them. The risks are basically minimal.

For dark-skinned people, it is more difficult to have the tattoo removed. There are risks of depigmentation.

We are very happy to advise them on laser treatment to clarify this in their case.

Possible side effects and risks – The treated area or tattoo will be red and swollen at first. If a crust forms, it should not be removed, otherwise there is a risk of scarring. In people with very dark skin, pigment spots may be visible. It is important to follow the care instructions of the Dermisthetik® expert to avoid the risk of infection by bacteria.

The number of laser treatments for tattoos is individual. Only certain tattoos can be removed with few treatments in rare cases. The number depends on various factors: amateur tattoo or professionally stung, color and color composition, size and texture, depth and density, responsiveness of the lymphatic system and type of aftercare.
As a rule, after each treatment you can see the successes, as the tattoo gradually weakens. Several sessions by laser are always required for complete removal of tattoos. The risks are low.

Honestly, yes. Pain can also occur when removing a tattoo with a laser, depending on the sensitivity of the person and the location. The sensation is roughly comparable to the feeling during tattooing. The risks are small.

Removing a tattoo with a laser is gentle on the skin and does not normally leave scars, as long as the client follows the instructions of the Dermisthetik® experts. In the case of particularly tanned skin, it is possible that light pigment spots will be visible.

How much a tattoo removal costs depends on several factors. So, among other things, the following things must be considered when removing a tattoo:

  • Use of the colors of the tattoo
  • Stitch depth of the tattoo
  • Professionalism of the tattoo
  • Age of the tattoo

Only if all these factors are taken into account, a reasonably accurate forecast can be given how often the tattoo must be treated until it is completely gone. To get a guideline, you can use our cost calculator.

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